How to Convert 3 phase AC to Single phase AC

The submit talks about a circuit technique by which a 3 phase AC could be transformed to a single phase AC at any preferred voltage.
The offered concept may be executed by first correcting the 3 phase AC to DC thereafter transforming the DC back to 220 V AC by means of a full bridge driver IC and H-bridge mosfet network.
The first stage meant for changing the 3 phase AC to DC might be implemented by simply the traditional diode bridge network, as could be demonstrated in the following diagram. After filtration this may generate a peak of 530 V (with a filter capacitor of around 10uF/1kv included across the load)


3 phase rectifier DC circuit

Now  DC circuit, as soon as the 3 phase rectified DC is accomplished, this may ought to be transformed to the most wanted single phase AC, according to the request this value needs to be 220 V.
A full bridge mosfet driver topology might be integrated for applying the above requirement, as demonstrated in the following diagram:


Full bridge mosfet driver circuit

The structure appears uncomplicated to configure, nonetheless it would deliver and subject the load to the full 530 V rather than the stipulated 220 V.
The matter could be normalized and managed to the preferred levels by way of an external voltage sensor circuit, which might be furthermore built-in with the Ct pin of the IC IRS2453. The easy way out could be applied by incorporating the following circuit:

inverter output voltage regulator circuit

The 220k preset is modified accurately to ensure that the transistor simply starts carrying out at voltages around 240 V across the load. When the transistor performs, the Ct pin is grounded at that on the spot, forcing the IC to slow down its oscillations which often provides the high side outputs to go low, cutting off the improved high voltage to the mosfets. This contributes to decreasing down of the voltage across the load that enables the BC547 to turn off and bring back the IC procedures….the process repeats ensuring the output continues under control and at the specific 220 V level.