50 Watt LED Driver Circuit

The article offers an SMPS centered LED street lamp driver circuit that are available for driving any LED lamp design starting from 10 watts to 50 watts plus.

The offered 50 watt (and higher) LED street light driver circuit utilizes the IC L6565 as the main control device, which can be essentially a current mode primary controller chip most definitely developed for quasi-resonant ZVS fly-back converters. ZVS means zero voltage switching.

The chip performs the stated quasi-resonant feature by sensing the demagnetization of the transformer and by consequently switching the mosfet for additional activities.

A feed forward function allows the IC to make up for the variations of the mains voltage which often looks after the converters power managing functions.
In case that the attached load is much less than the chosen magnitude, the device in the same way adjusts and compensates the working frequency without influencing the ZVS feature by much.

Along with the above benefits the IC as well consists of an incorporated current sensor, an error amplifier with precise reference voltage and a flexible two phase protection against overcurrent load circumstances.

More information relating to the IC L6565 are available in its datasheet.

The remaining configuration of the converter is regular and might be known provided below:

The mains 120/220V AC is fed to the bridge rectifier B1 via an EMI filter L1.
The rectified voltage is filtered by C1 and employed on the primary section of the converter which makes up the IC L6565 together with the ferrite transformer primary winding and the switching mosfet.

The IC immediately causes itself and the mosfet, developing the highlighted ZVS procedures and changing the mosfet at the specific compensated rate, based upon the mains input level.

The output of the transformer replies to this and produces the needed voltages across the specific winding.

The outputs are properly rectified and filtered by the associated quick recovery diodes and high voltage filter capacitors.

N2 is generally sen specified with an output of 105V at 350mA.
Other auxiliary winding which can be integrated generate 14V (@1amp) and 5V (@50mA) which can be useful for other appropriate functions for example charging a battery or lighting a pilot lamp.
The opto IC3 is as normal incorporated for providing a continuing output with regard to voltage, current and for giving the appropriate output information to the chip so that the needed protective measures may be required by the chip during undesirable circumstances.

The transformer winding particulars for the suggested 50 watt street light driver circuit is furnished in the diagram itself.