5V 3 Amp Fixed Voltage Regulator Circuit using IC LM123 LM323

The post describes the primary specs, and use notes of the IC LM123 which can be a 5V, 3 amp fixed voltage regulator IC.

We certainly have discovered a whole lot concerning the IC7805 which is also a 5V fixed voltage regulator getting outstanding line and load regulation qualities.

In spite of this these are generally stipulated to generate an optimum of 1 Amp output, thereby turn out to be much less effective for higher current applications.

The IC LM123 contains all the amazing benefits of its above smaller counterpart and yet is improved for managing up to 3 Amps of load current.

The aspects and requirements of this 5V, 3 Amp fixed voltage regulator could be analyzed from the following discussion:

Guaranteed 1% Initial Accuracy
Guaranteed 3 Amp Output Current
Built-in Current and Thermal Limiting
0.01Ω Typical Output Impedance
Not more than 30W Power Dissipation
P+ Product Enhancement tested
No external component needed for obtaining the rated 5V output
Is Virtually Blow-out proof
Package: Steel TO-3

Pin Out Details:

LM123 Electrical Specs

The following guidelines show the main working specifications of the IC LM123:

Input Voltage: Minimum 7.5V, Maximum 15V
Output Voltage: Minimum 4.7V Maximum 5.3V
Line Regulation: Typically 5mV at 7.5V and 25mV at 15V
Load Regulation: Typically 25mV at 7.5V and 100mV at 15V

Circuit Diagram of IC LM123, input 7.5V to 15V, output fixed 5V, 3Amp

Courtesy: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/snvs757b/snvs757b.pdf

Application Note:

Producing a Solar Cell Phone Charger Circuit Utilizing IC LM123

The following circuit demonstrates one typical instance where the above IC is efficiently useful for charging 3 to 4 cell phones at the same time from a 12V 3 amp source. The source may be a lead acid battery, a AC/DC adapter or an alternative input for example from a solar panel, wind turbine etc.