Chasing LED Trouser Circuit

The article describes tips on how to change your normal trousers into a chasing LED lit trousers which generates an capturing LED light chasing impact as a reaction to your foot step motion or thumping.


The offered running LED trouser will allow you to enhance any piece of clothing with LEDs which will react to your walking pattern or your foot step vibrations.

Provided that you are motionless or not strolling the LEDs will remain turned off, and as soon a foot step is identified, the LEDs will jump in a chasing or sequencing fashion to produce a dazzling and unstable bar graph like result.

The above characteristic is definitely beneficial in maintaining the current intake to the minimum to ensure that the connected battery can last for a much longer period of time in comparison to the other forms of LED trousers where the LEDs are invariably ON throwing away valuable battery power. Furthermore the concept produces a vibrant functioning light impact with every phase you practice.

Circuit Explanation

The circuit is really an easy vibration sensor which depends on the vibrations acquired by an connected mic.
The sensing circuit is set up around the IC LM3915 which happens to be a dot/bar LED driver chip, it’s major feature is to change minute voltage variations into respectively ever-changing output by means of sequencing LED graph.

In the demonstrated LED trouser chasing light circuit, when a vibration is identified (foot steps), the mic picks up it and transforms it into minute electrical pulses.
Exactly with every vibration instinct the mic briefly creates brief across it terminals, this leads to temporary grounding of the base of the NPN transistor by means of the 0.1uF capacitor.

Consequently brings about the base drive via the 1M resistor to turn out to be zero switching of the transistor shortly.

This causes a complete supply potential becoming permitted to pin#5 of the IC.

According to the specs of the IC this brings about the output of the IC to shoot and light up all the LEDs from LED#1 to LED#10 in a swift sequencing design.

The moment the foot step is paused the transistor is once again turned on closing off all the LEDs in a blink.

The above activity maintains on duplicating as long the individual keeps walking producing a random filming LED bar impact on the trousers.

The LEDs utilized ought to be high bright type preferably in blue/white/red colors or as per individual choices.

The complete LED trouser circuit might be driven by a single 9V PP3 battery, that is certain to survive for a long period unless you are running around non-sop with the LED trousers on, throughout the night long.

Two this kind of modules can be employed on the side stitch of the trouser legs, the mics needs to be locate at the bottom of the trouser, ideally attached ahead of the heel side of the shoe, this could be achieved by terminating the mic by way of a few inches of flexible wires.

The presented 10k preset is for changing the sensitivity of the circuit so that the LEDs don’t react to external sounds for example loud music, vehicle horns etc.