Exploring a Bluetooth Headset

Within this submit we are going to find out what’s inside a Bluetooth headset gadget and also understand how to hack it for making use of it for additional valuable customized applications.
The globe is going digital at a swift pace and sophisticated ideas for example Bluetooth are immediately changing the further conventional type of technologies.
What’s Bluetooth? It’s one more wireless transmission technology useful for swapping numerous types of information in a precoded form over quick distances via devices which might be appropriate to cell phone, smart phones, laptops, PCs, Wi-Fi systems etc.
Fundamentally Bluetooth as well includes Rf waves but in a digitally coded form, quite as opposed to to the standard FM or AM principles.
It’s an innovative and improved form of wireless technology which is built to have the ability to encounter a lot of suitable devices at any given time without experiencing synchronization issues or obstacles.
A Bluetooth headset is yet another relevant device which is supposed to exchange (transmit and receive) information utilizing Bluetooth technology across equivalent previously listed appropriate devices.
It’s a very fascinating RF device which can be hacked by an hobbyist to be able to ensure benefit any preferred customized application. As an illustration we are able to utilize the headset device to create our home theaters systems totally wireless with crystal clear answers, or may be we are able to utilize it for managing several of the appliances across the rooms in our house or apartment.
Opening a Bluetooth Headset gadget
To be able to try out a Bluetooth Headset you may most likely buy a typical type that’s demonstrated below or if you already possess one you can utilize it for the mentioned hacking methods.


To break it open you can utilize a screw driver as presented in the image below. In spite of this you simply must preserve significant deftness and treatment while working the gadget ensuring you don’t harm the internal circuitry.


The moment the cover is taken away, you will discover an additional plastic protecting which you may likewise take away making use of the tip of your screw driver.


As soon as the inner protection shield is peeled of, the actual PCB with numerous parts would pop out from the shell as demonstrated below.


In this particular position the couple of essential things that could turn out to be noticeable are: two wires functioning toward a small speaker, two wires towards an in built MIC, an USB connector and an connected battery. See below for the information

For obtaining the whole set up out of the box, you can possibly go ahead and get rid of the speaker and the Mic from their specific locations, in an effort to research them detailed.

The MIC could possibly be discovered concealed inside a metallic clipping which might be pulled out with some careful effort.


The moment eradicated…. the MIC, the speaker and the PCB with all the connected elements might be analyzed in details as presented in the following figure:


Another essential area we could possibly be engaged within the circuit is the USB socket, considering that its the input which obtains all the data, as well as the battery for obtaining well informed concerning what’s inside a typical Bluetooth headset.


The battery is a 3.7V Li-ion, 120mAH battery, as might be observed in the following picture:


OK that’s it, right now we precisely understand all that’s inside a Bluetooth headset gear, and it’s time for you to understand some of the easy hacking methods that might permit us to make use of any Bluetooth headset unit for carrying out the meant procedures.
The subsequent submit will tell you that to hack a Bluetooth Headset for other individualized implementations for instance for remotely working an appliance, as a spy bug, and audio relevant applications for example to create wireless speaker systems and home theater systems.