How to Build a Cyclist’s Safety Light Circuit

A basic flashing bicycle safety light circuit was basically talked about in this article article
In several cases when we occur to go down the road at night, it is standard to come across cyclists which have been noticeable only if they could be within walking distance.
If perhaps you happen to be a bike enthusiast and choose to walk at nighttime or overnight, this rider’s safety light circuit is very useful, mainly because it will probably be conveniently noticeable.
We certainly have noticed designs which can be depending on two integrated circuits 555 and 12 diodes LEDs red, but I was in a position to change the design to work with only 555. Utilizing this new made it absolutely was simple to double on the 2 groups design. LEDs (see diagram) you should never continue the same time, but this does not generate huge an issue.
Operational information of the bicycle safety light circuit
Implementing only one circuit 555, it may be designed as an astable multivibrator (owning a square waveform) for the procedures.
This circuit may have two groups of 6 LEDs each.
The top group of 6 LEDs will light any moment the output of 555 is low (around 0.75 volts) and the top group would possibly turn on when the output of 555 is high (around 8.4 volts
This changing light motion is quite amazing and quite hard to ignore the nighttime.
LEDs may be installed in numerous different suggested methods:
– Two rows of LEDs as displayed in the diagram,
– Two rows interspersed with LEDs, as well as the first group is turned on however with 3 up and 3 down thereafter in the second group, etc..
This circuit was designed to serve with a PP3 9 volt battery

Safety Light Circuit for cyclists riding at night
Parts list for the talked about bicycle safety light
IC1: 555 timer
D1 through D12: red LEDs 5mm
R1: 10K resistor
R2: 100K resistor
R3 to R14: 1K 1/4 watt
C1: 10uF/25V