How to Build a LED Chaser Circuit with Slow Adjustable Fading Effect

The publish talks about a cool chasing LED light circuit which includes a timed delay fading slow transition effect across the entire lighted sequencing LEDs.


The suggested chasing, fading LEd light circuit might be recognized with the aid of the above schematic along with the following explanation:
The upper circuit is a regular LED chaser design consisting of a decade counter IC 4017 and a clock oscillator making use of IC 555 astable configuration.
This IC 4017 yields a sequencing high logic (equal to supply voltage) across its total output pins due to the clocks at its pin14 from the IC 555.
If we hook up LED instantly across the 4017 outputs and ground, the LEDs would certainly light up in a dot mode fashion from the very first pinout upto the last in a sequencing pattern similar to a chasing effect.
This impact is rather common and everyone probably be ready with discover and developed such light chasers circuits very often.
In spite of this according to the request the impact ought to be improved by attaching a slow transition over the LED illumination as it sequences across the whole channel. This fading transition on the sequencing LEds is predicted to yield an appealing group LED chasing impact rather than an lighted dot like look.
The above interesting display could possibly be very easily executed by hooking up the LEDs to an advanced BJT delay generator circuit.
This BJT circuit turns into accountable of producing the meant transition delay over the LED illumination which enables you to be demonstrated in the lower design.
This stage ought to be continued across all the chosen outputs of the 4017 outputs for attaining the preferred chasing, fading slow transition over the LEDs.
As looked for the rate of the above fading slow transition could possibly be managed by changing the provided pot.
The circuit is essentially a basic delay timer which provides the illumination on the sequencing LEDs for a couple instances based upon the set value of the pot. The kept charge on the capacitor generates this timed delay impact on the LEDs which might be fixed as per ones own selection.
The speed of the sequencing could possibly be also modified by tweaking the 555 IC 100k pot as per individual selection which this may subsequently impact the delay transition impact therefore is simply a matter of some trial and error until the most appealing set up is identified.