How to Build a Temperature to Voltage Converter Circuit

The publish describes a basic temperature to voltage converter circuit utilizing IC LM317. T
An easy layout for the presented temperature to voltage converter circuit may be seen down this page diagram.


LM334 which can be a accuracy temperature sensor chip is set up with another accuracy voltage regulator IC LM317 circuit developing a precise, linear temperature to voltage converter circuit.
The gain pot and R2 might be changed and experimented for attaining the preferred temperature to voltage ratio.
According to the demand, the voltage should be 0 at 25 degree C, this might be produced by establishing an atmosphere at the described temperature after which you can regulate the pot to obtain a 0V at the output.
The above modification might hopefully permit the output to generate 1V increment for each and every 4.16 degree decrease in the temperature around LM334, this might also require some changing.