How to Generate Electricity from Gravity

Gravitational force is an amazing cause of energy, graciously obtainable across the globe, and quite easy to access, on the other hand, none of us yet appears to have been in a position to change this force into free energy (never ending), considering the fact that this is definitely out of the question.

Through this post we shall find out an easy manipulative strategy that permits a subscriber to channelize gravitational force into a work force widely available for highlighting an LED lamp and for charging a battery. The thought was advised by Mr. Pritam Bhowmik.

Present times, the thought of applying gravitational force for highlighting an LED has acquired a whole lot worldwide recognition, and numerous organizations can be watched encashing on this by promoting equipment made for generating electricity merely by dangling a load and permitting gravity to do all the intense work, the outcome getting pure free electricity…..looks too good isn’t it, but exactly what is apparently extremely good = = Unreal.

Nevertheless, the plan absolutely provides the opportunities of supplying electricity on the other hand the “name” of the design ought to be modified to “Human Force free LED lamp” in place of gravity lamp, because despite the fact that the gravity is likely to be performing all the work of preserving the hanging load under strain for utilizing the planned outputs, for hoisting the load going back to top constantly would need human energy that may be in no way totally free,…..yet still with little believing in addition to a practical creativity the complete thought of providing a gravity lamp circuit can be achieved feasible. The following communication can make it noticeable.

Fundamentally, it’s the first law of Thermodynamics that prevents the probability of any kind of continuous or “free energy” principle to have success, as per this law a certain kind of energy can simply be converted to a different kind of energy, nevertheless energy can not be generated.

In spite of how stringent the above law my be, it under no circumstances quits anybody from generating effective devices or enriched devices for acquiring tremendously effective change of energy from one kind to the other required kind.

Looking to the presented gravity LED lamp circuit, the idea tend to be applied by making use of the following easy set up.

Generating free electricity from gravity for illuminating an LED lamp or charging a battery

The idea seems really effortless, in the set up image above you can easliy understand two pulleys (upgraded with ball bearing) on the top, as well as a generator motor at the bottom center.

You can easily also observe a somewhat massive wheel with a lever handle device on the left hand side of the set up, while on the right side a dangling heavy load.

All the above devices are related with a rope, such that the device results in being operating as discussed below:

The thought here is to spin the wheel handle with manual force with the intention to pull the heavy load upwards until it touches the maximum height obtainable, in that case free the wheel in order that the load are going to collapse freely on account of the action of gravitational force.

Despite the fact that this takes place the motor undergoing the pulley system also will get rotated and commences generating efficient electricity for either charging an hooked up battery or enlightening an LED.

The switch SW1 provides a vital role in the whole process, this switch really should be in the OFF position while hoisting the load upwards, and in ON position before the wheel handle is focused on to be set free by the user.

This is very much important mainly because with SW1 in shut OFF position the motor spindle serves such as a typical readily moving convenient to spin pulley, and delivers minimal durability to the person hoisting the load, and whenever SW1 is closed the motor will get loaded, and gives considerably more durability while shifting. As a result the suspended load at this point will get determined by the loaded motor and as a substitute for decreasing down freely moves comparatively at a slower velocity towards the ground as well as the gravitational has do employ the same level of work force for generating electricity from the motor.

This is exactly certainly only an instance which reveals how a rather lower input force can be employed for obtaining lot more quantities of output power, as a result of a very standard and convenient to execute device.

The wheel deal with device may be restored with other models of devices which might be in a position of developing even much higher conveniences for the same. Several of the examples are a 4 pulley/chain device, screw jack device and so forth.

The load on the motor needs to be optimally measured in order that the gravity load occurs down at a significantly slower pace, or the height of the upper pulleys could very well be expanded to higher points for causing a crappy unwinding procedure by the load.

The motor for this gravity LEd lamp circuit may very well be a normal everlasting magnet motor, a stepper motor or geared sort of electromagnet motor.