How to Make a 0 to 99 Digital Pulse Counter Circuit

The highly recommended 00-99 digital counter turns into easy to carry in places where you require to keep the people organized in some particular order.
Functioning information of the digital counter
As could be known as the circuit uses the widely used 555 IC to genearte the pulse clocks. The pulse counting is conducted with the aid of SW1. Some CMOS ICs 4026B answer these clocks and turn out to be directly to blame for functioning the 7-segment display.
Since the last digit is limited to 99, the first 4026 triggers the second, when it crosses from 9 to 0. (see the pin 10 of the first 4026 that goes into the clock input of the second).
When the circuit is first operated, it may well not begin its count from a zero, so a temporary reset activation evolves into needed and is executed utilizing the switch (SW2). Pressing this switch the account resets the circuit and begins the count from zero (00).
It might be fascinating to observe that a pulse is employed on pin R “RESET” in each built-in circuit.


0 to 99 Digital Pulse Counter Circuit
0 to 99 Digital Pulse Counter Circuit
Parts List for the mentioned digital counter circuit
IC1: 555
IC2 = IC3 = 4026B
DS1 DS2 = = 7 segment display
C1 = C2 = C3: 0.047uF
R1: 10K 1 / 4W
R2: 1M 1 / 4W
R3: 33K 1 / 4W
Switches SW1 = SW2 = normally open push to ON switches