How to Use an SMPS Circuit as a Solar Charger

The article describes a novel method of utilizing a normal SMPS unit for charging a battery via a solar panel. The technique are going to lead to a very economical and fast solar charging of the linked battery.

SMPSs have grown to be quite typical these days and we come across them utilized by means of of low voltage DC units wherever required. The perfect example is our mobile phone chargers that happen to be in fact compact SMPS 5V chargers.

Solar charger devices are also turning into widely used in these modern times and folks are regularly in be aware of choices through solar chargers owning the most effective charging reply.

Solar panels or PV devices are generally employed for charging lead acid batteries which tends to take fairly long hour for finding completely charged, and particularly when the sunlight issues are bad things begin obtaining all the more lethargic.

For tackling the above problem or in other words for allowing faster recharging from solar panels, unique MPPT dependent soar chargers are actually created which efficiently monitor the solar panel highest power point levels and produce the most effective charging problems for the attached battery.

In this post even though we will not be talking about the best MPPT, yet the mentioned process provides you with a chance to obtain the fastest means of charging your battery by means of a solar panel.

As suggested in one of my earlier content, a switch mode depending power supply (SMPS) is usually the best choice to make it work as a solar charger circuit, so right here we are going to discover ways to make an smps based solar charger circuit at home.

Producing an SMPS may be quite complicated and may well need a great deal of of time and information for the implementations so here rather we can concentrate on the way to transfer a pre-designed smps into an efficient solar charger circuit immediately.

For this purpose you prefer the following components, presuming the battery to be charged is 12V rated:

A pre-made 120V or 220V to 12V SMPS unit owning current rating equivalent to 1/5th of the battery AH which is to be charged.

A few Solar Panels whose total open circuit voltage equals around 100V.

Connecting wires.

How to Go ahead.

Of course we all understand a standard mains SMPS may be graded with bare minimum of 85V to 100V input to be able to offer the necessary output DC, let’s presume it to be 12V, which means for obtaining 12V it has got to be provided with at least 100V at the input.

Maintaining the above problem in mine we need to choose a solar panel which can be in a position to generate around 100V to create the obtained SMPS work.

Since PV panels with such high voltage may not be accessible, we may opt for many low voltage solar panel associated in range for producing the above voltage.

For example it is possible to go for 3nos. of 30V solar panels and hook up them in series to get 90V from it, which would probably just do the job.

The above input provided to the acquired SMPS might create the needed 12V which can be instantly connected to the battery for charging it effectively.

Nevertheless a 12V supply would possibly not charge a 12V battery we require a minimum of 14V for it, so that’s not a big issue, the essential voltage could be very easily changed and set by changing the output voltage of the SMPS physically, the methods may be discovered right here.

That’s it, you will have just now transformed a off the shelf SMPS unit into an effective solar charger circuit that may produce outcomes comparable to MPPT charger circuits for you.