Inverter Circuit Using IC SG3524

This design is easy to build, the output power of 150W, the present simple inverter circuit using IC SG 3524 design frequency of about 300HZ, the purpose is to reduce the volume of the inverter transformer, the weight, the output waveform is a square wave. The inverter can be used in other aspects of home lighting, electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps, household appliances, switching power supply when the power fails. The inverter is relatively easy to make, can be 12V DC supply voltage of 220V mains voltage inverter, multivibrator circuit composed by the BG2 and BG3 driven through BG1 and BG2 driver to control BG6 and BG7 work. Wherein the oscillation circuit from the regulated power supply BG5 and DW group, this could make the output frequency stable. In the production, there is an optional transformer dual 12V output common mains transformer. As needed, to select the appropriate 12V battery capacity.
Efficient sine wave inverter electrical diagram

sg3525 inverter circuit

The circuit uses 12V battery. First with a voltage module times the pressure of the op amp power supply. You can select, IC sg3524,  ICL7660 or MAX1044. Amplifier 1 generates 50Hz sine wave as a reference signal. Operational amplifier 2 as an inverter. 3 op amp and the op amp as a comparator with hysteresis 4. In fact, the op amp 3 and switch 1 is the ratio of the switching power supply configuration. 4 op amps and switch 2 also. Its switching frequency instability. In the op-amp output signal is positive phase, the operational amplifier 3 and switch work. 2 then the op amp output is negative phase. Then the positive input of operational amplifier 4 potential (fixed to 0) than the negative input potential is high, so the output of the operational amplifier 4 fixed to 1, the switch is turned off. In the op-amp output is 1 when the negative phase, and vice versa. This enables the two switches alternately work.

When the reference signal ratio detection signal, that is, the op amp negative input 3 or 4 signal is high a small value than the positive input signal, the comparator output is 0, the switch to open, followed by the detection signal is rapidly increasing, when the detection signal a small high value than the reference signal, the comparator output 1, switch off. Here we should note that, in the comparator circuit has a flip positive feedback process, which is characteristic of the hysteresis comparator. For example, in the reference signal is lower than the detection signal of the premise, as they continue to close the difference, at the moment they are equal, and the reference signal immediately detected signal higher than a certain value. This “certain value” influence the switching frequency. The lower the frequency the greater it. Here it is selected 0.1 ~ 0.2V.

C3, C4’s role is to make a high frequency current through the freewheeling switch, while the lower frequency of 50Hz signal generating large impedance. C5 by the formula: = 50 is calculated. L generally 70H, measured at the production of the best. Thus C is about 0.15μ. The ratio of R3 and R4 must be strictly equal to 0.5, a large waveform distortion obviously, not a small start-up, but rather a number of large, non-small. Maximum switch current is: I == 25A.

Existing inverters have square wave output sine wave output and two kinds. High efficiency of the inverter square wave output, designed for the use of sine wave power for appliances, except for a few outside the majority of electrical appliances NA can be applied, the output sine wave inverter is no disadvantage in this regard, but there low efficiency, how to choose according to their needs which requires the.

This article describes simple inverter using SG3524 IC, and the concrete circuit diagram and principle analysis. We are in a “mobile” era, mobile office, mobile communications, mobile leisure and entertainment. In the mobile state, people not only need low-voltage direct current from the battery or battery supply, but we need more indispensable in everyday environments 220 volts AC inverter that meet our needs.