Red, Green, Blue (RGB) LED Random Flasher Circuit

In accordance with the advised range set up, an easy design utilizing a 4017 IC and a 4060 IC can be employed for developing the suggested RGB LED controller circuit.
Making reference to the proven diagram, the 4017 IC as well as the 4060 IC are wired in a normal LED chaser manner, and this is popular with the name “Knight Rider” as a result of its precise operating and spotting light consequences.

The IC 4060 delivers the clock pulses to the IC 4017 for accomplishing the intended the sequencing of its output pins in accordance with every clock pulse at its pin14.
On the other hand here the output of the 4017 IC is designed slightly with different methods for developing a distinctive RGB flashing layout.
The following, the red, green blue strings are wired in a particular tactic to acquire the talked about required sequencing layout, that is certainly when activated the R, G. B strings first light up in range (in a “chasing” for instance design), following all the three strings acquire illuminated collectively and turn off, after this following up the three strings light up one after the other without shutting off during this process, lastly the three LED light up collectively but are displayed swiftly to complete the range.
The cycle then resets and will go going back to the initial level as mentioned in the above justification.
THe 1M pot could be adjusted for finding the required control and sequencing rate on the RGB LEDs.