SCR Battery Charger Circuit

The post narrates a simple SCR based battery charger circuit for charging all types of batteries especially lead acid battery.
Circuit Explanation

A straightforward battery charger in view of SCR is demonstrated here.
Here the SCR amends the AC mains voltage to charge the battery.In case
the battery associated with the charger gets released the battery
voltage gets dropped. This hinders the forward biasing voltage from
arriving at the base of the transistor Q1 through R4 and D2.This
switches off the transistor. At the time the transistor is turned OFF,
the entryway of SCR (H1) gets the activating voltage by means of R1
& D3. This makes the SCR to direct and it begins to amend the air
conditioner information voltage.The corrected voltage is given to the
battery through the resistor R6(5W).This begins charging of the

At the point when the battery is totally charged the base of Q1 gets the
forward inclination motion through the voltage divider circuit made of
R3,R4,R5 and D2. This turns the transistor ON. In case the Q1 is turned
ON the trigger voltage at the entryway of SCR is cut off and the SCR is
turned OFF. In this condition a little measure of charge achieves the
battery by means of R2 and D4 for stream charging. Since the charging
voltage is just half wave corrected ,this sort of charger is suitable
just for moderate charging. For quick charging full wave redressed
charging voltage is required.


Gather the circuit on a decent quality PCB or basic board.

The transformer T1 can be 230V essential, 18V/3A optional venture down transformer.

The voltage of the battery at which the charging ought to stop can be set by  the POT R4.

The battery can be associated with the charger circuit by utilizing crocodile cuts.