Simple 12V Battery Charger with Battery Indicator

This is a simple 12V battery charger circuit with indicator circuit is a smart charger circuit. You are able to ideally take advantage of this circuit for applications such as inverters, portable chargers, etc. This design additionally includes a twin indication system in the form of a battery charging indicator, and a low battery buzzer indicator. The benefit of this indicator is that a buzzer notifies you once the battery has to be recharged. This circuit design undoubtedly aids for your daily life battery charging purposes.

simple 12V battery charger circuit with LED and buzzer low battery indicator

How the simple battery charger circuit works
– The charging circuit is created around voltage regulator IC 7815 and a couple of BC transistors 547 BJTs.
– The main 230V or 110V input could be the first steped down through a step-down transformer, after that it may be rectified and filtered.
– This DC voltage is then delivered to the voltage regulator IC 7815 ;. The output gets regulated at 15V
for charging the connected 12 volt rechargeable battery at the output of the voltage regulator. And it begins charging the battery as soon as the main power is available.
– Any time battery voltage falls under a particular value LED1 ceases to glow and the buzzer begins sounding indicating that the battery is discharged and requires recharging.

Bill of Material
-transformer (230V to 15V or 110V T0 15V)
-pont rectifier (1N4007 x 4)
-condenser (470UF, 50V)
– IC 7815 Voltage Regulator
-12V rechargeable battery