Simple Bass Treble Tone Control Circuit

The explained bass treble tone controller circuit not only facilitates the control of the bass, treble frequencies but also the mid range frequencies using its efficient 3 way tone control circuit providing an excellent custom music output as preferred by the user.

As shown in the figure below the circuit employs opamps for the processing and generates an excellent qulity sound as per the taste of the listener and enable tailored frequency music output which results in enriching even an ordinary piece of music input.

bass, treble, mid range music tone controller circuit using active opamps

The discussed bass, treble tone controller circuit thus effectively performs like a 3 band graphic equalizer circuit allowing the user with distinct 3 way control of the sound frequency.

The bass control basically allows only the lower range of the frequency, ideally between 10Hz and 300Hz, that means the user can adjust this pot to cut off all frequencies that might be within or beyond this frequency range.

The treble control can be considered just the opposite of bass, and this control allows the user to trim the input frequency within the range of 2kHz and 6kHz, which implies that the user can use this pot to tailor the frequency anywhere between this range.

Now obviously, the mid range control has the ability to provide the facility of adjusting frequencies between the above discussed 300Hz and 2kHz.

With all the 3 controls, the this simple bass treble mid range tone controller circuit becomes a full fledged 3 way graphic equalizer circuit which enables the users to adjust the 3 control as per their personal taste such that the most pleasant hearing sensation is achieved for the listener.

Parts List

R1-R2= 47K C1-C11= 10uF/25V C8= 1.2nF MKT
R3-R4-R5-R12-R13= 10K C2= 33pF  C9-10= 100nF 63V MKT
R6-R7= 3.3K C3= 2.2uF/25V MKT C12=47uF 25V
R8-R9= 1.8K C4= 47nF/25V MKT RV1-RV2= 100Kohms Lin.
R10= 270 ohms C5-C7= 4.7nF/25V MKT RV3= 470Kohms Lin.
R11= 22K C6= 22nF/25V MKT IC1= TL072, NE5532