Simple Continuity Tester Circuit

Using this simple continuity tester circuit continuity among a pair of points could be examined effortlessly by using a multimeter. However multimeter simply being a costly gadget, several amateurs don’t have one of their very own. Apart from that, for each test, you have switch your eyes on the meter, and also the test prods may possibly slide at that same moment. In this article it is a circuit of a continuity checker that beats the two issues.

This specific continuity checker provides a good audible indication when there exists a continuity between the two-points. The level of the audio increases with the increase in resistance. This moves a current of a lot less Q compared to 0.5 mA and therefore it may be carefully utilized in circuits comprising diodes and transistors. Coils and transformers may also be tested with this tester, if their resistance is not really too excessive. The circuit requires absolutely no setting up and works with only 1 dry battery cell. Estimated cost of the parts employed in the circuit is a dollar only.

simple continuity tester circuit