Simple Electric Fencing Circuit

In this post we are going to make a simple electric fencing circuit which can protect your private property from animals and intruders and prevent them from gaining access.

Note: Please precede this project only after obtaining proper permission from your local government.

Intruders are everywhere and you have no idea when they will attack your private property. It is the same scenario with animals which could dirty your property or destroy your agriculture land. Animals are common reason why property owners install fencing to avoid potential loss to their crop.

Some property owners try to construct their own electric fence to skip the equipment cost by connecting a live 230V or even 440V to the metallic wires which run around their property. This is extremely dangerous and can kill human beings and even huge land animals like elephant instantaneously.

The power from mains has very high energy but, electric fencing circuit has very low energy output, this is the reason why electric fencing doesn’t kill animal but give them very nasty shock and it is same for human beings too.

 Simple Electric Fencing Circuit

The proposed circuit is battery operated; you may add a solar charger to keep the circuit active always.

It is basic inverter circuit which produce 230VAC and voltage Tripler is connect at the output which increment the output voltage by thrice. The output magnitude is around 700V which is enough to give nasty shock to an animal or human.

The inverter produces oscillation at 50Hz from multivibrator circuit andthe current is amplified by two MOSFETs which drive the 9V-0-9V transformer.

The network of resistor and capacitor increase the magnitude of voltage by thrice. One of the wires must connect to ground properly and another wire must connect to non-insulated wire which runs around your property.