Simple Stereo Amplifier Circuit using IC TDA2004

A very simple 10 +10 or in total 20 watt stereo amplifier circuyit has been discussed in this article using a single low cost IC TDA 2004 or a TDA 2005, using minimum number of components.

  • The main features which includes in this IC are:
    Low distortion.
    Almost zero noise.
  • The IC also features substantial stability of the of the package with supplemental essential safety measures throughout its functioning using the following protections:OUTPUT AC SHORT CIRCUIT TO GROUND
  • Space and cost conserving : suprisingly low quantity of external parts,quite simple installation system without any electrical isolation amongst the package and the heatsink.The TDA2004A is actually a class B dual audio power amplifier in MULTIWATT bundle particularly created for stereo audio amplification purposes.tda2004 car battery stereo amplifier circuit
  • Simple Stereo Amplifier Circuit using IC TDA2004PARTS LIST
  • Resistors ( all are 1/4 watt 5%)
    R1= 1Ω
    R2= 1Ω
    R3= 1.2kΩ
    R4= 1.2kΩ
    R5= 3.3Ω
    R6= 3.3Ω
    R7= 120kΩ
    C1= 2200µF 16V
    C2= 2200µF 16V
    C3= 100µF 16V
    C4= 100µF 16V
    C5= 100nF (104)
    C6= 100nF (104)
    C7= 220µF 16V
    C8= 220µF 16V
    C9= 2.2µF 16V
    C10= 2.2µF 16V
    C11= 100nF (104)
    C12= 470µF 25V
    C13= 10µF 16V
    LS1, LS2= 4Ω 10W speaker
    IC1= TDA2004

With the part values displayed along with a supply voltage of 14.4V (a fully charged car battery), the stereo amplifier has the ability to of offering a power output of a minimum of 6W, normally 6.5W with a load impedance of 4Ω. It may also deal with a load impedance of 2Ω, whereby the output power is actually a the least 9W, but generally 10W. Power outputs with this arrangement are susceptible to about 10% distortion, nevertheless, if reduced power outputs are suitable, 4W with a load impedance 4Ω or 6W having a load impedance of 2Ω, distortion is barely within the limits of 0.3%.

The voltage gain of the left-hand channel depends upon the proportion of R3 to R5, as well as that of the right-hand channel through the percentage of R4 to R6. Using the values provided, this can be 50dB. Consequently, a signal of 50mV is necessary at the input to offer the optimum output. If this input sensitivity is really high, a 50kΩ stereo potentiometer could be integrated within the input. The impedance of non-inverting amplifier input is at the most 100kΩ.

TDA2004 PIN Settings Top View

TDA2004 PIN Configuration-top-view

The system composed of resistor R1 and capacitor C5 (and R2, C6) is incorporated to avoid the amplifier getting unstable at higher input frequencies. The bandwidth of the circuit is higher than enough for proper use as a audio stereo amplifier. The frequency response of amplifier will be 40Hz to 16kHz (3dB level).

The IC needs to be maintained adequately cooled. The thermal resistance of the heatsink ought to be a minimum of 4°C/W.

TDA2004 Stereo Amplifier PCB Layout

TDA2004/TDA2005 20watt stereo amplifier PCB layout