Simplest Homemade Electric Guitar

Do you wish to convert your own Hawaian guitar into a simple electronic guitar ?Well here’s an excellent idea for you. It will cost you about $1 only. , You will need only a door-bell electromagnet (230V AC) and a transistor receiver or a standard audio amplifier. Fix the electromagnet somewhere near the wires of your guitar or banjo with wires running parallel in front of the poles and making sure that the wires do not touch the poles. The electromagnet will now serve as a pick-up coil. Now, simply connect the two terminalsiof the coil to the input points of the amplifier, switch on the amplifier, keep its volume control at a comfortable level and start playing the

guitar. You will now hear clearly your guitar notes from the amplifier. By trial and error find a position for coil where maximum output can be obtained, and fix it there permanently. Use shielded wire for the coil wires to avoid unwanted noise. If a strong permanent magnet is placed very close to the core of the electromagnet, the output obtained will be very high.


simple electric guitar circuit