Stereo Preamplifier Circuit with Bass Treble Control

This simple, one-chip, stereo preamplifier is ideal for build-ing into an existing AF power amplifier. It is based on a re- cently introduced integrated circuit, the Type TCA5500 or TCASSSO from Motorola. This double AF amplifier chip with inputs for balance, volume, and bass and treble controls forms a sound basis for a good quality preamplifier with a minimum of components. The onset points for the bass and treble controls are defined with Ca and C4 respectively. All (mono) poten-tiometers are best fitted direct onto the circuit board to make for simple mounting into a cabinet, and also to prevent hum and noise being picked up in the wiring that would other- wise be required. The preamplifier has a current consumption of 35 mA, of which S mA is drawn by voltage regulator IC2. Zenerdiode D1 and power resistor R5 should be added if the positive supply voltage available in the power amplifier is more than about 30 V .

stereo bass treble control circuit with pcb