Stop Dog Barking with this Circuit

The mentioned circuit is made to deter dogs from barking in the specific area by the systems of a synchronized ultrasonic sound waves due to a number of preliminary barking of a specific dog.

The circuit once appropriately designed will generate a very high pitched ultra sonic sound whenever it detects a dog bark. Because the sound is due to the ultrasonic range will probably be inaudible to mankind, as well as audible to just dogs within the range.

The way the Dog Bark Terminator Functions

dog barking preventor eliminator circuit for protecting against dog barking


dog barking preventor eliminator circuit for stopping dog barking

With reference to the above laid out dog bark inhibitor circuit, we are able to observe three specific stages included, the sound sensing unit and preamplifier circuit making use of the Q1 along with the electret MIC stage, the monostable stage employing IC1 as well as the correlated components and the ultrasonic sound generator stage by means of the IC2 along with speaker driver stage.

At any time a dog barks, the Mic finds it producing a sequential lower and also higher pulse at the base of T1. T1 reacts to this and also delivers precisely the same amplified signal across C2, which subsequently sets off the pin#2 of the monostable IC1.

The above mechanism causes IC1 to generate a high at a pin#3 for a period identified by the values of R5/C3.

This high at pin#3 of IC1 makes it possible for the reset pin#4 of IC2 to turn active thus permitting the astable IC2 to supply the ultrasonic pulse at its pin#3, that may be accordingly amplified by the linked TIP122 transistor, driving the hooked up speaker.

The speaker vibrates at the particular amplified degree radiating the ultrasonic sound in the course in which the dogs should be driven away.

The above sound waves ought to fluster the dogs and also result in numerous mental turmoil in their ears on account of their high frequency sound, as well as resulting from the synchronized consequence with the dog’s own barking phase.

Basically the above dog barking preventing device may react to all kinds of high dB sound ranges, in spite of this as it will likely not be audible to a human ear this may under no circumstances be a problem, as well as could be avoided.