Ultrasonic Alarm Circuit

This post talks about an excellent ultrasonic alarm circuit that could be efficiently established for detecting sound pressures over the natural human hearing capability, which could cover from 20 kHz and above.

Ultrasound or ultrasonic sound waves was quite possibly discovered prior to mankind lived across the globe by several of the animal variants along the lines of the bats, dolphins, and likewise many other species. These are typically intended for tracking down far-away elements which happen to be potential target for these beasts.

The signals are imparted by vibrating specific internal organs found in these kinds of beasts that happen to be magnified again from high potential victim ahead therefore the being can quickly identify the prey by estimating its precise spot by means of the replicated waves and is capable of track them down.

Human beings could possibly find out ultrasound pretty delayed, but just the same in this article we are going to examine just how a straightforward ultrasound detector can be accomplished and put to use for detecting those high frequency impulses inaudible to an ordinary human ear,

ultrasonic alarm circuit

The figure above demonstrates an easy IC 741 centered ultrasonic sound detector security alarm circuit.

The detecting gadget implemented below is a normal electret condenser mic. The mic input is provided to the inverting input of the IC pin#2.

Pin#3 of the IC is effectively clamped to a aptly chosen reference voltage with regards to the pin#2 of the IC.

A feed back connection may also be viewed by means of the 1M preset throughout the output along with the inverting input of the IC. This feed-back hook up causes the IC function like a remarkably sensitive inverting amplifier.

The MIC is consequently determined to identify ultrasonic pulses that could be organically emanated from any appropriate supply for example when an electronic instrument similar to a TV, DVD player etc is switched ON, or a mobile call in the neighbourhood is perceived. An automobile ignition might also cause the circuit activate with an alarm sound.

The detection gain or level of responsiveness range of the ultrasonic alarm circuit could be fixed by modifying the laid out 1M preset.

The minute a high frequency audio in the ultrasound spectrum is detected by the mic, contributes to a high logic pulse to yield at pin#6 of the IC that could be effectively dimensioned, and purified by the output architecture containing the sequence 470nF coupling capacitor along with the relevant diode, resistor, capacitor filter layout.

The high logic works extremely well as an input to a MCU circuit alternatively for operating a relay driver stage.