Water Level Controller Circuit using IC 555

The article tells us about a simple water level sensor with alarm circuit using IC 555.

Here is a straightforward water level alarm circuit utilizing IC 555
clock that will deliver a perceptible alert when the water level
compasses a preset level. The circuit can be controlled of a 3V battery
and is exceptionally helpful to utilize.

The circuit is taking into account an astable multivibrator
wired around IC1 (NE 555). The working recurrence of the astable
multivibrator here will rely on upon capacitor C1, resistances R1,R2 and
the safety over the tests A&B. When there is no water up to the
tests, they will be open thus the multivibrator won’t deliver motions
and the signal won’t beep. At the point when there is water up to the
level of tests, some momentum will go through the water, the circuit
will be shut to some degree, and the IC will begin creating motions in a
recurrence relative to the estimation of C1,R1,R2 and the safety of
water over the tests. The bell will beep to demonstrate the vicinity of
water up to the level of the sensing tests.


 The circuit can be fueled of a 3V battery.

 Assemble the circuit on a decent quality PCB or normal board.

 The tests can be made of two protected copper Aluminum wires.

 Place the tests at the position where you need to sense the level.