Simple 20 watt Amplifier Circuit

This simple 20 watt amplifier circuit can be easily built at home using TDA2005 IC [You can also use TDA2004]. The procedure not complex and at the end you will hear it playing nicely with the customization bass and treble control feature.


simple 20 watt amplifier circuit

The circuit diagram for the project with bass and treble feature

The IC1 in the circuit [TDA2005] is the mother behind building the system. This IC is specifically meant for amplifier based projects. The IC contains a pair of op-amp, which is further connected following to the bridge to initiate the power. The IC can accept DC power supply up till 12 volts with response frequency of 35Hz to 15KHz.

Procedure of Assembly

Start by sending input signal into the circuit via C1 capacitor and before transistor Q1 sends the signal. The other capacitors C2, C3, C6 along with VR2 potentiometer manages the level of signal [managing high frequency sound].

The C4, C5 capacitors and VR3 potentiometer helps to manage the bass sound or sound of low frequency. In order to adjust the signal sent through VR1, the capacitor C8 need to get coupled to the IC1 [Pin1] input.

On the other hand, R9, R10, R12 resistor gain is in place. The C11 and C12 capacitors are also set gain trapping for low frequency. C17 capacitor, which is a feedback is set on a low-scale frequency. Also the R8, C14 and R13, C18 enables prevention of high frequency modulating oscillator. The proposed simple 20 watt amplifier circuit output lies in IC1 [Pin 8 & Pin 10].