Ambient Light Controlled LED Circuit

The following publish describes a basic ambient light dependent LED illumination controller circuit. The light fades or strengthens correspondingly i result of the ambient light circumstances. With brighter daylights, the LEd illumination gets less harsh and vice versa.

The Design

The demonstrated light reliant led controller circuit is essentially a light dependent PWM optimizer circuit whose duty cycle differs in keeping with the potential improvement or level at its cotrol pinout.

As can be viewed the circuit contains a few 555 ICs. IC1 is configured as a regular astable owning a frequency of around 80Hz. This frequency is not essential with regards to the circuit operating.

IC2 is set up as a PWM generator such that it shows the square wave signal at its pin2 and the triangle wave across its pin6/7.

This leads to an output with a specific PWM content at pin#3 of ICs.

However this PWM duty cycle is generally diversified just changing the potential difference at pin#5 of IC2.

An LDR can be watched connected across a potential divider preset at pin#5 of this IC. The preset can be utilized for fine tuning the outcomes as preferred.

The LDR resistance level now establishes and changes the potential across this sensing pinout which often causes a consequently varying duty cycle at pin#3.

The various duty cycle leads to the linked transistors to carry out appropriately and generate the correspondingly different intensities over the attached LEDs.

The two transistors are designed as inverters that guarantee opposite responses over the LED sets associated across the collector of the specific transistors.