How to Build a Digital Up/Down Volume Control Circuit Using IC DS1668

The submit clarifies a basic digital volume control circuit making use of the IC DS1668 that are available in amplifiers and all audio equipment for accomplishing a push button press up/down volume control facility.
The DS1668 and DS1669 Dallastats are electronic rheostats or potentiometers. These types of devices contained 64 feasible constant tap points over the resistive array since they are provided with normal variations of 10K, 50K, and 100K ohms.
The Dallastats may be governed by either a mechanical-type contact closure input or a electronic digital signifies input for example a CPU. Wiper placement is looked after without need of power that might be accomplished by means of the usage of a EEPROM storage cell assembly. The EEPROM cell array is conclusive to recognize more than 80,000 writes.
The DS1668 and DS1669 are not the same in the style packages wherein they are offered. The DS1668 is simply accessible in a personalized 6-pin package with an individual built-in push button as demonstrated in the package drawing.
The individual incorporated push button provides the mechanised control input of the wiper point.
In addition, a digital supply input, D, facilitates the potentiometer to be controlled by a microcontroller or processor.
Supplementary package pins involve the positive voltage input +V, the negative voltage input, -V, the resistor wiper, RW, together with the high resistor. RH.
The DS1668 is rated for specialist temperature application entirely (OTC to 70YC). The DS1669 is offered in standard IC products for example an 8-pin 300 mil DIP and an 8-pin 200 mil SOIC. For example the DS1668, the DS1669 might be set up to make use of utilizing an individual push button or electronic source input.
This is exactly attracted out in Figure 1. Moreover, the DS1669 may be built to control in a twin push button arrangement that may be observed in Figure 2.
The DS1669 pinouts empower utilization of each ends of the potentiometer RL, RH, in addition to the wiper, RW. Control inputs are comprised of the digital source input, D, the up contact input, UC, along with the down contact input, DC.
Additional package pinouts incorporate the positive,+V, and negative, -V, sup- ply inputs. The DS1669 are available in professional or industrial temperature variations.
The DS1668/DS1669 Dallastats are managed through a contact closure input or by a digital base input.
The DS1668 was created to operate from just one contact closure (pushbutton) input that could be built in the customized 6-pin package or the product could possibly be operated from the digital supply input (D).
The DS1669 could possibly be con- trolled using one push switch input, joined push switch, or making use of the digital supply input.

The above IC may very well be outdated these days, so if you are not able to locate the above chip here’s a better substitution that one could choose utilizing the philips TDA8551 IC.