How to Desalinate Sea Water Rapidly

A basic, inexpensive set up introduced in this post provides you with a specific concept concerning the way to desalinate sea water rather quickly and in large quantities.

The standard procedure for solar sea water desalination method is fairly lethargic and burdensome. An easy, cheap but useful plan in this article will highlight tips on how to desalinate sea water much effectively.

An easy and an inexpensive set up (Entirely Designed By Me) as demonstrated in the diagram will be able to turn sea water into fresh drinking water in large quantity, based upon the size of the sphere.
The primary characteristic of this method unlike other traditional methods is the quick change rate of waste water into fresh water.
Furthermore, given that the entire method is solar functioned, cost received is zero. Another great benefit of this design is that it’s not influenced by the position of the sun and will function during the day as efficiently.

Let’s research tips on how to desalinate sea water by means of a basic the set up:

The method is essentially comprised of a big hollow glass sphere with a “T” shaped glass tube extension emerging from its top portion.
The sphere consists of solid glass at the bottom, up to the focal point of the sphere. This base surface might be colored black to boost the effectiveness of the unit.
As can be watched in the diagram, the short vertical arm of the tube which stretches upwards terminates into a funnel. The funnel bears a valve by means of a tap.
The long horizontal arm is bent at 90 degrees and elapses inside the reservoir tank.
The complete set up is positioned outdoors in an open area where clear sunlight is available the whole day.
Sea water is poured by way of the funnel and the glass sphere is permitted to fill totally, only up to the circumference of the globe.
Now the tap is closed.

How the System Performs?

As soon as the sphere is made up of water, it reacts like a big, solid and a powerful convex lens. In our childhood days everyone has had fun with this awesome piece of lenses.

We certainly have observed how it is capable of concentrate and focus sun rays at one single point when positioned at a specific angle under sunlight.

(Click Image to Enlarge)
The produced focal point is in fact a focused beam of the sun rays gathered and deflected at a little point.

This point is very hot, and is capable of generate burning effect over everything located under it.

The above theory continues to be basically taken advantage of in the existing design. Without water the sphere is worthless and will act exactly like a standard glass.

The sunrays engaging in it thus are not able to produce much of a heat.

But the instance it is loaded with water, it is changed into a big solid convex lens obtaining a focal point precisely at its center.

Sun rays striking the glass sphere are immediately refracted all throughout the curvature of the filled water to achieve specifically at the center.

Right here the rays concentrate into single hot spot.

Water at this time begins heating up instantaneously and the heat is slowly shifted to the entire mass of the packed water.

As the temperature goes up, water molecules are transformed into vapor.

The water vapor created, increase by means of the “T” shaped glass tube and the reservoir tank.

The tank being fairly much cooler assists in transforming the obtained water vapor into clean, drinkable water* (see comments) on its roof.

Water molecules collected on the roof of the reservoir tank gradually collect to form water drops which eventually fall into the tank and pure water is hence gathered inside the tank.

This water is completely pure, and free from viruses, bacteria or dust particles.

The performance of this equipment will reduce if the filled water is murky or muddy. Simply because in this condition the focal point is going to be relatively dull and won’t have the ability to produce sufficient heat.

The above technique must have definitely made you realize relating to the best way to desalinate sea water merely and efficiently.