LED Tube light from a Dead CFL Circuit

You could have at present find out about this fascinating concept in lots of various sites. It’s concerning transforming a dead CFL into a sleek LED tube light circuit. Within this article we understand the methods with additional information.

Just how many times did you dispose of a dead or over utilized faulty CFL unit into the dust bin? Well, we accomplish this very often at any time we come across one of our home CFL lamps no longer lighting or enlightening dimly.

You might be amazed to make out that the circuit inside the lamp the truth is never blows of or turns into fragile. It’s the tube portion which becomes blackened, and unresponsive. It implies the circuit of most of the thrown away CFL units never goes defective, which enables you to be recycled by means of some other means.

For a layman this could appear fairly difficult….but in fact it’s quite simple. The tube portion of the CFL might be basically restored with LEDs, and reused for obtaining the equivalent illumination that your earlier CFL used to give… well nearly the similar.

Let’s discover the processes.

Find a dead CFL unit, and thoroughly open up the lid which holds the tube from the lower cup type enclosure.

You ought to do this cautiously utilizing a screwdriver equipment, ensuring you fail to harm the internal circuit this.

If you discover it difficult to insert the screwdriver end across the joint opening, make use of a fine hacksaw to produce a small section of the opening wider by sawing it some. Right now you can force open the lid by utilizing the screwdriver.

This will likely instantly introduce the internal circuit and the connections.

You will discover the tube finishes terminating with a pair of wires and linking with the circuit board at four points set up in a row by way of fine wire links. Cut these connections with a sniper so that the tube portion gets separated from the circuit board.

Join the above terminals from the ends so that only two terminals wind up as the output.

Subsequent making use of 4 nos 1N4007 diodes develop a bridge rectifier, and hook up it to the above terminals as demonstrated in the diagram.

Now by means of an appropriate holder and plug device attach the above system to mains and check the voltage a the output of the above linked rectifier.

It ought to be around 100 to 150 volts DC.

You have got just converted a dead CFL into a small transformerless power supply preferably well suited for lighting LEDs (white).

At this point comes the LED assembly part which might be designed in the following manner:

To find out the number of LEDs that might fit inside the output voltage of the above unit, we should instead divide the measured voltage with 3.3V. Suppose the calculated voltage was 120V, dividing this by 3.3 would give around 36 (numbers).

Make use of the produced number of LEDs and hook up every one of them in series with a 5 Ohm, 1/4 watt series resistor.

Completed! Right now merely attach the LED assembly end terminals with the bridge output of the altered CFL power supply.

You can still examine the method by offering mains supply to it….the LEDs ought to light up with stunning light.

At this moment fix the assembly properly so that the CFL circuit gets inside its original holder while the LEDs could be built-in to the holder over an appropriate rectangle type of box, or inside some other decorative cabinet based on user choice.

Caution: THE Concept Is Dependent On The Same CIRCUIT Which Has Been Posted IN Some Other Internet site, It’s NOT been Confirmed BY THE Writer.

THE CIRCUIT IS NOT Isolated FROM MAINS, Thereby Is Really Harmful IN Exposed, POWERED POSITION.