Manufacturing Oxygen at Home – Circuit Diagram


The post will explain how to manufacture or make oxygen at home in bulk quantity, using our AC mans as the supply source and without using salt.

Everyone knows the possibilities of these kinds of two gases and how crucial they may be around the world. Oxygen is the life preserving gas without which no existing creature on this planet can exist, hydrogen on other hand features its own advantages which enables you to be looked at as the future fuel which might eventually power our vehicles and cook our foods as soon as all the easily accessible fossil resources goes out of stock and gets exhausted.

In school days everyone has discovered and observed the method known as the electrolysis of water, where water which can be comprised of two main ingredients H2O (two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen) is split up forcibly with the aid of electric current.

In spite of this within this procedure, usually a bit of salt is added or at some time a drop of sulfuric acid is added for improving the electrolysis method.

This leads to fast electrolysis method, and you can easily refer to large and thick amounts of gas bubbles show up across the two electrodes which can be linked to a potential difference source or simply to a battery.

On the other hand there may be an misunderstanding that the above practice produces oxygen and hydrogen easily, in reality that might not be the situation and if we cautiously evaluate the procedure you will discover it’s not the water but the added chemical which happens to be getting broken in the affect of the electric current.

Which means if we include salt to water, the electrolysis method will produce the gas chlorine and sodium deposits over the two electrodes and not oxygen or hydrogen… can imagine the generation of H and O, but in very minimal quantities.

For producing pure oxygen and hydrogen by means of the strategy of breaking down water parts we have to apply the means of electrolysis without the addition of any foreign chemical into water.

In easy terms the process ought to be performed breaking H2O directly without the assist of any catalyst medium.

In spite of this if you attempt to accomplish this, you will see the technique to be very lethargic and completely not possible, because the bond between the H2O elements are so terrific, it may turn out to be unachievable to disintegrate them into parts.

But it can be achieved by way of brute force, signifies rather than low power DC, if we utilize mains AC, and begin it into a container filled with water, we may indeed have the ability to force the liquid to split into its pure forms.

This Process Happens To Be Found BY ME, I Presume SO, Simply because Its Not Been Mentioned Elsewhere On The Web Up To Now.

OK, the technique is as effortless as it could be, while testing I discovered that by converting mains AC to DC, the procedure aggravates more quickly and thick fogs of gases can be viewed across the specific electrodes.

And it is certainly crucial that you make use of DC. otherwise the gases will alternately created over the two electrodes haphazardly totally ruining the results.

So….it’s all about producing a bridge rectifier circuit utilizing four diodes, 1n4007 will do. take four of them and develop the bridge rectifier module and next wire up the system as per the presented diagram.

The glass equipment will have to be cautiously fixed. As might be observe in the figure, the two glass tubes are inverted inside a container stuffed with water.

The two tubes needs to be filled with the water such that both the tubes share the container water among on their own.

A number of GRAPHITE electrodes are installed in such a way that they get inside the tubes water content just like demonstrated in the figure.

The electrodes are shut down out by means of particular wires connections which are usually even more attached to the bridge rectifiers positive and negative outputs.

The bridge rectifier inputs are in turn linked to mains AC.

The instance power is turned on, thick surfs of bubbles may be seen being deducted from the electrodes and exploding into the specific gas forms into the vacant area of the tubes.

Considering that there is certainly no external chemical needed right here, we are able to believe the gas formed and gathered inside the tubes to be pure oxygen and hydrogen.

As the method is permitted to keep on, you will discover the water level coming down and obtaining transformed into oxygen and hydrogen within the two tubes.

The tubes really should have a valve type arrangement at their top termination, to ensure that the stored gas could be either shifted to a larger container or instantly found from the nozzles by discharging the taps or the valve mechanism.

THE Whole Strategy Consist of High AC and DC Potentials, Death May Come Within Minutes if any of the parts of the system is Touched, even the water is highly Harmful to touched in Turned On Position. You Should Not Short Circuit The Electrodes, Which Can Lead To Fire and Huge Explosions, Great Caution Must Worked out while Working with This set up.

The above shows the circuit diagram for making oxygen at home in large quantities