How to Make a Power ON Alarm with Auto OFF Circuit

The submit talks about a basic monostable dependent power turn on alarm circuit which automatically switches OFF after an adjustable preset delay.
The asked for power activate alarm circuit utilizing a delay OFF circuit might be observed in the presented diagram.
It’s essentially developed around a regular IC 555 monostable multivibrator configuration. The procedures are straight-forward:
When power is activated across the circuit, the 0.1uF capacitor briefly grounds pin2 of the IC, transmitting an immediate activating signal to the 555 monostable.
This instantly encourages the output of the IC to go high triggering a toggling voltage to be initialized for the connected relay.
The relay switches ON itself and the alarm unit associated with its N/O and the pole.
The alarm starts buzzing only until the relay shuts off instantly as a result of the highlighted monostable one shot feature of the IC 555.
The ON period of the relay or the IC output relies on the values of the 100kresistor and caapcitor C. Various values for C may be attempted relating to 10uF and 100uF for attaining the nearest feasible duration of 5 to 10 seconds.

Power ON Alarm with delay off Circuit