Simplest Strobe Light Circuit

A very simple strobe light circuit can be built using a single transistor and a high bright white LED, in conjunction with a flickering LED.

As may be seen in the diagram, a simple single transistor driver is used for illuminating the strobe LED lamp, which is controlled by a self oscillating flickering LED connected at the base of the driver transistor.

simple strobe light circuit

These flickering LEDs are nowadays are quite common everywhere, and can e easily procured from any electronic spare part shop. These LEDs are featured with an internal oscillator and multi-color LED chip within a single embedded package.


It just requires a 3 supply and that’s enough for this LED to start randomly flashing with multiple colors. Although these LEDs are individually used for decoration purpose, in our simplest strobe light circuit it is applied as an oscillator for the driver transistor, which it effectively implements.

As soon as the circuit is powered with 6V, the flickering LED starts randomly flickering at causing the base potential of the transistor to alternately and rapidly trigger ON/OFF at the same rate the flickering LED oscillations.


This in turn causes the collector high bright LED to flash rapidly and intermittently producing an eye blinding strobe light effect.

This little simple strobe light circuit could be installed in caps, shirts buttons or anywhere you desire for generating a eye catching strobe effect in crowds or festivals occasions.