How to Make a Solar Garden Light with Programmable Timer Circuit

The submit describes a solar garden light circuit with programmable timer controller which allows the associated LEDs to light up or shut off after a bit of delay, as desired by the user, as a result it’s not completely influenced by the solar panel guidelines.

Talking about the offered solar garden light with timer circuit diagram, we observe a handful of IC 4060 timer phases connected with each other to develop a couple of sequential programmable timers.
Throughout day time when the solar panel is active, the hooked up battery is permitted to charge by means of it, while the 4060 timers are kept inactive as a result of the existence of the positive voltage from the panel to pin12 of the upper 4060 IC.
When darkness strikes, based upon the choice of the zener diode between the solar panel positive and pin12 of the upper 4060 IC, the voltage is carried down to zero permitting pin12 to get a resetting zero logic by means of the attached 1M resistor.
Once such things happen the upper IC 4060 commence counting and after a specific delay set by its pin9 capacitor and pin10 pot, its pin3 turns out high.
The BC547 associated with this pin3 now triggers all the associated LEDs lighting them after the preferred period of time has passed. The 1N4148 diode hooked up across this pin3 and pin11 of the upper 4060 freezes the IC counting method and latches the LEDs completely ON.
In spite of this, in such a circumstance, the lower BC547 also gets activated and resets pin12 of the lower IC 4060 which often starts counting, and exactly the same after a set time period dependent upon its own pin9 capacitor and pin10 pot values switches ON its pin3.
This high from pin3 of the lower IC 4060 latches itself on account of the occurrence of the 1N4148 diode across its pin3 and pin11, and it also grounds the base of the LED BC547 driver such that most LEDs turn off.
The whole solar garden light timer circuit currently latches within this position until the next morning, when the rising positive voltage from the solar panel one more time resets the upper IC pin12 and the whole circuit. The circuit remains inactive until dark.
The pattern consequently will keep repeating as described above.