How to Make a Solar Panel Enhancer Using Solar Mirror Concept

Within this submit we understand a few homemade methods for improving a solar panel output efficiency by a lot of folds.
These days solar panels are being extensively executed for utilizing free solar electricity, in spite of this the whole thing might not be so great as it definitely seems to be using these units as a result of the required inefficiency with such devices.
The major problem with solar panels is that it carries out at its peak only so long as the sun rays are perpendicular to its surface and this circumstances occurs only for a very short duration each day producing things significantly ineffective for these systems.
There are actually methods which can be developed to deal with the above problems for example MPPT chargers, solar trackers etc however these may be costly, and have their own restrictions.
A few homemade remedies described below could possibly be attempted rather than the commercial strategies mentioned previously for boosting the all round solar panel effectiveness.
The very first technique is quite crude. Here we utilize a water filled transparent polythene bag positioned over the solar panel. The size of the bag might be somewhat over sized than the solar panel dimensions to ensure that its edges lock onto the rim of the panel and generate a snug fit over the panel. The position may also perhaps assist to obtain a convex shape for the water filled bag.
The substance employed for the bag ought to be particularly clear, the same has to be correct for the water utilized.
The execution will appropriately simulate a convex lens sort function right over the connected solar panel producing a considerably superior output from it for a much longer period of the day. This might be on account of the bending of the sun rays onto the solar panel a result of the convex nature of the water filled “lens”.


A much more processed albeit expensive method may well observed in the following image:


In this particular process a concave reflector exceeding three times the dimension of the solar panel is utilized. A 60 degree curvature might do very well. It ought to be mentioned that the degree of curvature ought not to be comparatively significant which would probably result in huge amount of heat to focus over the solar panel in addition to the light which may on the other hand deteriorate the effectiveness. The inner concave surface may very well be possibly installed with lots of parts of mirrors such that these types of uniformly cover the whole surface in a concave technique.
The solar panel could be equipped utilizing iron clamps as demonstrated n the diagram above, making certain it reaches a central position for maximum light concentration.
The sun rays irrespective of its position in the sky would now permit its rays to get shown and targeted across the solar panel surface for allowing the unit to acquire highest enhancement performance and work at its peak efficiency for most of the days period.