50 Watt LED Lamp Wiring Details

In the earlier publish we discovered an SMPS design that are available for driving a 50 watt LED lamp created from 50 numbers of 1 watt LEds. Right here we seek to recognize the wiring info of the 50 watt LEDs with the driver circuit.

Considering we would like to utilize 1 watt LEDs(suggested) for the offered 50 watt street light, we need 50 numbers of these LEDs to be set up with the circuit.

Talking about the prior submit, we observe that one of the outputs is selected with 105V at 350mA.
This specific output turns into the more suitable one for operating 50 numbers of 1 watt LEds, even though it might be used only after by means of a few severe calculations.

If we hook up all the 50 LEDs in parallel would require an output equivalent to 50 x 3.3 = 165V, but considering that this output does not appear to be accessible, we might be able to choose a much more possible series/parallel link to the LeDs.

So we are able to make two strings of LEDs, each comprise of 25 nos of LEDs, and attach both of these strings in equivalent.

In spite of this, concerning two strings usually means the LEDs would currently need 3.3 x 25 = 82.5V @ 700mA

The above values as just stated tend to be not matching the driver output specifications.

No issues, the above values could be paired to by doing a couple of easy changes with the appropriate output winding of the driver transformer.

The curret (amps) may be improved by changing the N2 winding with a bifilar winding containing two 28AWG wires wound at the same time. This may look after the needed 700mA current since now we certainly have utilized two wires in parallel for N2 rather than the advised single wire.

Following, for lowering the voltage from 105v to 82.5V, we merely require the above winding to make into 24 turns as opposed to the mentioned 31 turns.

That’s it, as soon as the above number of effortless changes are completed, the driver at this point evolves into completely appropriate for driving the suggested 50 watt LED lamp module.

The 50 Watt LED Lamp Wiring Details can be observed right here diagram: