High Current Li-ion Charger Circuit

Li-Ion Charger Circuit High current 12V, 24V input

The proven Li-ion Charger circuit is showcased to charge any Li-ion battery upto 5 AH with the proven IC2, or for 10AH batteries if IC2 is correctly replaced with a LM396

Li-Ion Charger Circuit High current 12V, 24V input

The design consists of two essential levels, the IC2 voltage regulator stage and the IC1 over charge cut-off stage.

IC2 is connected in its normal voltage regulator form, where P1 performs as the control knob allowing it to be adjusted to create the essential charging voltage across the associated Li-ion battery at the output.

IC1 pin3 is the sensing input of the IC and is ended with a preset P2 for supporting the over charge voltage level adjustment.

The preset P2 is adjusted such that when the battery reaches its full charge value, the voltage at pin3 just evolves into greater than pin2, contributing to a quick high at pin6 of the IC.

The moment this occurs the high from pin6 latches on to pin3 with a lasting high via R3, D2, freezing the circuit in that position.

The above high is usually supplied at the base of the BC547 which right away grounds the ADJ pin of IC2 forcing it to close down its output voltage consequently cutting off the voltage to the Li-ion battery.

The Red LED now illuminates suggesting the full charge level and the cut off circumstances of the circuit..

Parts List fro the suggested high current li-ion battery charger circuit

R1, R5 = 4K7

R2 = 240 Ohms

P1, P2 = 10 K Presets

R3, R4 = 10K

D1, D5 = 6A4 diode

D2 = 1N4148

D3, D4 = 4.7Vzener diode 1/2 watt

IC1 = 741 opamp for 12V input, LM321 for 24V input

IC2 = LM338

How to Start up the circuit.

In the beginning do not connect any battery at the output, and rotate P2 in order that its slider touches the ground end, in other words adjust P2 to make pin3 to zero or ground level.

Feed the input voltage, adjust P1 to get the preferred level of voltage across the output where the battery really should be attached, the green LED will be illuminated in such a position.

Now cautiously move P2 upwards until the the red LED just illuminates and latches in that position, avoid moving P2 any further, make sure with green LED shutting of in accordance with red LED illumination.

The circuit is focused now for the preferred high current Li-ion charging from a car battery or any 12/24V source..