How to Build a Reverse Forward Motor Timer Circuit for Incubator Mechanism

In this particular publish we figure out a overcome forward timer circuit for managing an incubator motor procedure with a desired range of techniques.


In the figure above we are able to discover a design for employing the suggested overcome forward motion of an incubator motor after a preset list of time interval.
At the quick when power is turned on we certainly have the following situation:
The magnetic switch for “set” might be believed to remain in a deactivated condition or compromised although the motor or the developed incubator mechanism is within its zero start position.
Please be aware that if possible the “set”/”reset” switches ought to be carried out employing magnetic reed switches.
With power is turned on, IC 4060 is reset by means of C2 to ensure that it is linked to it counting method from zero, and pin3 is provided a zero logic.
This starting zero logic is given by means of C3 to the base of T1 which promptly performs forcing T3 and its connected relay to switch on. R7 along the way ensures T1/T3 get latched within this mode.
The DPDT relay at this moment actuates at its N/O contacts beginning the motor and the mechanism towards an believed “forward” motion.
As quickly the motor starts moving, the “set” button is produced such that T4 and the upper SPDT gets a chance to actuate, whereby the SPDT relay reaches a N/O position changeover providing the N/C contacts of the DPDT with a standby supply..
The motor and/or the mechanism maintains moving until it has achieved the “reset” position which in turn causes T2 to activate and break the T1/T4 latch.
With T4 switched OFF, the DPDT relay transforms its position from N/O to N/C and offers an opposite (reverse) activity to the motor mechanism.
The incubator motor mechanism now flips its direction and is linked to a reverse motion until it has achieved the “set” point which immediately switches OFF the base drive of T4, the SPDT switches OFF cutting power of the DPDT and the whole mechanism comes to a stand still.
At the same time the IC 4060 goes on counting until it possesses one more time generated a zero logic after experiencing a high logic at its pin3.
The cycle as just stated gets begun and repeats the method as described above.