Simple 1000 watt Heater Controller Circuit

In this post we investigate a very simple triac diac controlled very reliable heater controller circuit.

In in an attempt to come up with a light dimmer on your own, you may comply with this 1000 watt heater controller circuit diagram:

Simple 1000 watt Heater Controller Circuit

Installating the drive (1000W max)

The electrical diagram of the inverter is demonstrated below:

Heater Controller Part Specifications:

R1: 3.9kOhms / 0.25Watt. Minimum value for restricting possible current peaks on the heater and the diac. You can pick 3.3k or 4.7k with no issues
P1: 470kOhms of choice. Perhaps 1MOhm ,. It requires minimal 470k if not even on the maximum value, the flambeau will invariably sparkle just a little.
C1: 100nF (unpolarized). The voltage throughout its terminals cannot surpass 35V peak. You can select a 63V or 100V model.

Diac: 32V, reference DB3 for instance. There exists just one recognized design.
Triac: it is a model 1000V bare minimum. The current maintained the triac might be equal to two times the current in the bulb for garnering a perimeter. The triac has to be installed on a little heatsink for 100W and more.

A BTA10-400 supports 10A and can take a load up to 1000W (4.3A on 230V).

Triac clamps: A1 (anode 1), A2 (anode 2), G (trigger)

Warning: this controller module is directly coupled to the mains supply! This tend to be hazardous to human life. Even if the set up looks simple, be mindful!