Simple 40 watt Fluorescent Tube Emergency Light Circuit

This simple 40 watt fluorescent tube emergency light circuit permits one to hook up a fluorescent tube up to 40w in a vehicle or any other 12v source.

It is well suited for camping, motor homes and cabins intended for trucks or buses. Because of its minimal consumption it can be applied as a complimentary or backyard light and keep the night on.

As witnessed in the diagram, the circuit creates alternating high voltage coming from direct current. To get this done, it switches the transistors ON/OFF alternately.

When one transistor is in operating the other becomes open and the other way round. The opening / closing period of each transistor depends upon each RC bridge shaped through the 220 ohm resistor and the 22nF capacitor. The 100nF capacitor filters the line of probable static produced by the oscillator.

The transformer is normal, coming from those found in power supplies; Simply in this project is employed upside down.

The center tap of the secondary is straight coupled to the positive of the power, while negative offers current to the emitters of each power transistors. These transistors has to be installed on large heat sinks to avoid these from being destroyed by the heat.

Simple 40 watt Fluorescent Tube Emergency Light Circuit

The 40 watt fluorescent tube light may be the typical type and does not have to be brand new, may even operate a tube with conventional ballast and starter not work simply because within this type of circuit the filaments are generally not used. It may be attached either a directly or a spherical. No starter or reactance ought to be employed in this circuit.

PCB and Heatsink:
Although it is recommended, the usage of a printed circuit board with this project is not really essential.

It may be assembled right into a metal case where the transistors are mounted on each side of the case. Make sure to utilize separators and insulators in these transistors, to prevent short circuits.

If you want to make use of the tube in a portable device, you should secure the components a lot more, to be able to endure the movements and shocks that this automobile will cause.

Power Transistors:
The power transistor required for this 40 watt fluorescent tube emergency light circuit may not be special, could be substituted by any equivalent with the voltage and current specs they may have. It is important is the fact that the two are identical, to ensure that there are actually no instabilities within the functioning of the oscillator and therefore of the technique on the whole.