Wireless TV Sound Transmitter Circuit

The post explains how to make a simple RF device which can be used as a wireless TV sound transmitter circuit using a few in expensive electronic parts

Hear wirelessly to the audio of your television program on a regular FM radio, or on a Walk-man unit. Anyone can make use of headphones and in this technique will not disturb people who sleep, primarily until eventually the wee hours of the morning. Extremely easy to construct, it does not demand any variation on the TVs with headphone outputs, and is also straightforward to adjust to other gadgets.

The proposed wireless TV sound transmitter circuit is supposed to be attached to the headphone output of a television that may be associated with it, or to the speaker output using the insertion of a plug.

We are going to use a tiny FM transmitter short-range yet can broadcast to your whole home and your signal are going to be received on any kind of FM or Walk-man radio stations. The antenna is made up of uncomplicated steel rod, a inflexible wire of about 15 cm or even, if the audience favors, a small telescopic antenna.