220V Transformerless LED Driver Circuit

The MBI6001 series of ICs are manufactured to make use of mains AC inputs and change it into a lower voltage DC output which might be surely useful for driving several series attached LEDs.

The IC benefits a pulsed current PWM output which allows setting of current to the accurate levesl as per the rating of the LEDs.

The IC labeled N1x are stipulated to use with 110V AC inputs while the N2x series with 220V inputs.

Utilizing the IC MBI6001

Talking about the regular transformerless constant current LED driver circuit using the IC MBI6001, we are able to notice a small external parts utilized besides a few resistors. Right here the resistors R1, R2, and R3 assist to figure out the right PWM setting for attaining the meant regular current output from the IC.

The values of the resistors are effective by the producer and can be utilized according to the provided guidelines. We’ll speak about this in the later section of the post.

How many LEDs can be utilized at the Output.

The number of LEDs which can be securely utilized at the output of this IC is really not crucial. One can utilize a variety of LEDs across the demonstrated output pins of the IC, the voltage across the series is instantly realigned by the ICs internal circuitry. In spite of this the highest joined forward voltage of the linked LED series are not able to go over the the input AC voltage value, elsewhere the light from the LEDs can find decreased and unexciting.

Choosing Continuous Current Limit for the LEDs

As described previously the IC makes use of PWM for managing the current to the LED, and this might be set as per the need or the optimum safe limit of the LED string.

The above is dependent upon the numerous resistors integrated externally with the IC and is used by both improving the PWM duty cycle or by reducing the duty cycle of the PWM.

On the other hand 90mA is the largest amount of current which might be accomplished out of this IC, that means high watt LEDs simply cannot be employed with this particular transformerless continuous current LED driver IC circuit.

Also, above 23mA the IC may begin heating up, lowering the overall effectiveness of the circuit, consequently above this restrict the IC needs to be trapped with a piece of aluminum heatsink to be able to sustain optimum reply.

The following table demonstrates the values of R2 which might be properly chosen by the consumer as per the desired LED specifications.


The resistor R1 could be changed to a 1K resistor and is nothing important, even though its objective is meant for fine tuning the strength of the attached LED string, for that reason might be refined a bit to get the preferred power from the LEDs.

R3 is optional and could be basically absent, its make use of is limited for certain sophisticated necessity and might be disregarded for common application as highlighted above.