Charging Two Batteries from a Single Supply Source

The following content demonstrates precisely how two batteries could be charged under managed problems by means of a single common power supply.

The circuit design of the the suggested dual battery charger from a single source displays two identical phases created by utilizing the IC555. These types of levels are essentially accountable for managing the lower and upper charging thresholds of the attached batteries.

The SMPS which can be the common power source for both the 555 phases supplies power to the batteries via the individual diodes and the relay contacts of the particular 555 levels.

The diodes ensure that the power stay well isolated from the two phases.

In spite of this the essential section of the circuits are the two resistors Rx and Ry which can be the current decreasing resistors for the two levels.

These resistors make sure the right specific amounts of current to the specific batteries This more makes sure that the SMPS is loaded uniformly across the associated batteries.

Rx and Ry needs to be determined as per the AH ratings of the batteries with the aid of Ohm’s law.

Automatic Double Battery Charger from a Single Power Supply


charging two batteries alternately from a single supply voltage