Hi-Fi Bass, Treble, Presence Tone Control Circuit

In this post we learn how to make a simple yet Hi-Fi super tone control circuit featuring adjustable bass, treble, and presence control circuit using potentiometers and processed using opamps.

This specific tone control features a couple of control knobs or pots which enable you to vary the presence of bass and treble within an music transmission.

A high-end integrated circuit for sound processing is employed made up of 2 operational amplifiers inside pickup.

This is the NE5532, which can be run with +/- 15V.

The 50K potentiometer on the input determines the input level or level of sensitivity of the process. The 20K preset must be initially be positioned within the middle of your pots dial.

Hi-Fi Bass, Treble, Presence Tone Control Circuit

If you find a distortion content or deformation inside the music, cut down the adjustment right up until a dedicated processing is accomplished.

The 100K potentiometer sets the quantity of bass, whilst the 10K potentiometer executes exactly the same for the treble response.

Since the power supply for this simple Hi-fi bass, treble, presence tone control circuit is actually symmetrical at the port 4 of the integrated (GND marked in the image above) it ought to connect with -15V while terminal 8 (designated as Vcc) needs to go to + 15V. The body should be assembled to 0V, that the integrated will not hook up with over to the non-inverting input of the operational 2nd (port 5).