How to Make a 25 Amp Battery Charger Circuit Using LM338 ICs

This circuit is capable of doing delivering as high as 25 Amps of current at any chosen voltage between 1.25 V to 30V according to the adjusting of the presented pot. The current is continuous in spite of the voltage settings. The circuit can be utilized for charging batteries in range of 50 to 200 AH.

The figure below demonstrates an easy design of a 25 amp solar battery charger power supply circuit which might produce a continuing 25 amps of current from any source which can be capable of produce currents exceeding beyond 25 amps and at 32 volts maximum.

We realize that the IC LM338 is stipulated with a maximum of 5 amp current, the IC controls anything above this limit.
By hooking up 5 of these ICs in identical it hence turns into possible to develop a current output of about 25 amps. The great advantage of utilizing these types of ICs is that, these kinds of products are internally safeguarded from thermal runaway circumstances and short circuit or overload problems.

It implies the current circuit instantly evolves into protected from these kinds of unfavorable guidelines therefore turns into totally unbreakable provided the input is not surpassed above 32 volts.

In spite of this the ICs simply cannot be instantly associated in parallel, simply because that could result in a difference in the voltages at the output from each of the ICs which often motivates an fluctuations between the IC dissipation, this would not be beneficial to the all round operating of the circuit.

For that reason the additional parts by means of the opamp and the transistor happen to be incorporated into the circuit which manages and also handles a persisting voltage output from all the ICs maintaining the circumstance nicely well in hand.