Simple 0.6V to 12V Boost Converter Circuit

Usually, it is well known that a silicon transistor would certainly locate it tough operating below 0.7V, compared with germanium counterparts which can be effective at carrying it out easily, in spite of this these days we do not usually learn about these devices which may have turn out to be quite outdated in the future.

The circuit mentioned right here utilizes a cheap Schmitt trigger NOT gate MC74VHC1G14 from the 74XX TTL family which can be made to assist voltages properly below 0.6V, to be accurate despite as low as 0.45V. The device we employ is designed by Motorola.

The introduced 0.6V to 6V boost converter circuit may be even altered to attain upto 12V from a 0.6V source.

Talking about the figure below, we refer to somewhat simple set up comprise of an oscillator phase utilizing a single NOT gate inverter module as talked about above.

This NOT gate is extremely unique since it’s able to oscillate even at voltage as low as 0.5V which means it is very well suited for the present 0.6V to 6V or 12V boost converter application.

The oscillation frequency listed here is based on R1 and C1 which can be determined to be around 100kHz.

The above frequency is fed to the base of an NPN transistor for the needed amplification.

C2 ensures the two IC and the BJT phases are stored isolated from direct contact to be able to prevent the low input voltage from reducing below 0.5V

R2 and thee schottky diodes D1 retains the BJT adequately biased for assisting an maximum oscillatory result for the transistor.

D2 is yet another schottky diode which happens to be shown maintain the charge from C3 turned off throughout the turn off periods of Q1 elsewhere the stored charge inside C3 could easily get produced or shorted via Q1.

The IC 7806 at the output is to preserve a set 6V regardless of the boost level produced by L1 and the connected converter levels.

L1 ought to be wound strictly over a ferrite core. The dimension and data of the coil is a matter of some trial and error or it might be obtained as a pre-made unit for the same.