Simple Induction Heater Circuit

The concept of the proposed simple induction heater circuit is straightforward. The coil generates high-frequency magnetic flux and then metal things in the the coil produces eddy currents which can be found warming it.

The hysteresis drawdowns additionally help cause the heating. Possibly even for an undersized coil such as this a current around 100A is commonly employed, consequently, in suggestive of with the coil you will find a resonant capacitance, which makes up their inductive nature.

Coil-capacitor circuit ought to be powered at their resonant frequency. The motivation current is significantly less than the current throughout the coil. The power source is a straightforward MOSFET Half Bridge regulated by circuit IR2153. The MOSFETs possess a compact heatsink.

Driving frequency is tuned to resonance by potentiometer. The resonance is determined by a neon light bulb. The frequency could be regulated in the area of approximately 20 to 200 kHz.

The control circuit necessitates auxiliary voltage of 12-15Vdc. I will be employing an undersized building wall socket power supply, however simply because just few mA can be used, feel free to use precipitating resistor or capacitor.

Mainly because the output driver might not be associated straight in, you can find a complementing choke in succession. It includes around twenty turns 1.5 mm diameter on a 8×10 mm ferrite core as well as the strength may be established by modifying the air gap.

The induction heating is operated straightly from electrical grid. It will be implementing full-wave rectified voltage with no filtration electrolytic capacitor. A light bulb is attached in series to reduce the current and help save the circuit in error situation, overload or undesirable performance.
Work coil of induction heating needs to be sturdy copper wire or more desirable a copper tube and possesses approximately 12 – 30 turns on a 3 – 10 cm diameter.

Resonance capacitor is as a result of the large amperage crafted from numerous (at least 6) capacitors. Inside my example, the coil carries 26 turns and capacitors is 6 x 330n 250V~.

Together are getting piping-hot after extended workings. The resonance frequency is approximately 29 kHz. My resonant circuit is built quickly, with a bit of added trial and error it is possible to arrive at significantly better end results.

This really is my very first experience at simple induction heater circuit


Simple Induction Heater Circuit