Simple Water Level Alarm Circuit using IC 555

In this article we talk about an easy water level alarm circuit using a 555 timer designed to generate an audible alarm as soon as the water level reaches a predetermined stage. The circuit could be powered through a 3V battery and is extremely hassle-free to work with.

The circuit is dependent on an astable multivibrator wired close to IC1 (NE 555). The working frequency of the astable multivibrator will here rely on the capacitor C1, the resistors R1, R2 and also the resistance via the probes A and B.

When there is no water across the sensor probes, these are going to be open and as a result the Multivibrator is not going to generate oscillations and the buzzer is not going to sound.

If you have water around the probes, a current will probably stream via the water, the circuit is going to be closed to some degree and the IC will start to generate oscillations with a frequency relative to the value C1, R1, R2 and also the resistance of the water in the probes.

The buzzer produces an audible tune indicating the existence of water within the sensing probes.

simple water level alarm circuit using IC 555


The above IC 555 water level alarm circuit can be powered through a 3V battery.

Build the circuit over a good quality PCB or a strip board.

The probes may possibly is made up of a couple of insulated aluminum copper wires.

You can put probes at the level where an individual must diagnose the exact level.