Simple Adjustable LED Circuit

The publish offers a number of effortless adjustable LED controller circuit which can be properly set up for particular relevant functions.

The Design

The offered LED intensity controller circuit might be discovered as demonstrated in the diagram.

Two diagrams may be seen, the left hand side can be utilized for managing common anode type displays while the right hand side for common cathode types.

The design is essentially an accepted collector BJT circuit where the base potential of the appropriate transistors get correspondingly transferred across their emitter base terminals.

Hence by adjusting the potential at their bases the emitter potential can be consequently diversified with a variety starting from 0V to the maximum supply voltage level (-0.7V).

Each of the following LED intensity controller modules could be utilized for the suggested 7 segment LED display control application. The preset could be changed with a pot and its dial correctly calibrated for obtaining the meant varying illumination by means of a range of 0 to 9.