Single chip Quadraphonic Amplifier Circuit – For Making Home theater Systems

In this post we learn how to make a simple single chip quadraphonic amplifier circuit which can drive four loudspeakers through 4 separate input channels, this IC becomes ideally suitable for making small compact home theater systems.

This specific amplifier offers, with a single integrated circuit and handful of supplemental components, four independent amplification channels to create a legitimate multi-channel sound system. According to a chip formerly intended for car audio this amplifier is perfect for makng compact home theater systems with quadraphonic sound cards like the SoundBlaster Live!

As noticed in the design, the one active component is definitely the integrated circuit TDA7386, from SGS-Thomson. This gives four amplification channels coming from a single 12v supply. The inputs are actually blocked in DC from the capacitors of 0.1μF. The mute and stby control terminals could or may possibly not be applied, with the user’s discernment. The outputs tend to be symmetrical, therefore not one of the speaker terminals can be seen grounded (both are amplified).


simple quadraphonic speaker circuit using single chip

Power Supply:
Considering that the whole system is driven by 12v we made the decision, in our condition, to utilize a supply for auto-stereo. You may also put together one to put into the enclosure. That is again with the user’s discernment.

Precaution for Operating the quadraphonic amplifier circuit:
The heatsink connected to the IC, should be sufficient to keep the chip in a comfortable temperature. We use a Pentium III cooler using its fan operating. To get this done just connect the fan to Vcc since it too employs 12v the same as the amplifier.