How to Build a Greenhouse Motorized Water Diverter and Humidity Controller Circuit

In one of the earlier articles we figured out the providing of a greenhouse temperature controller circuit, right here we research just how the results might be improved by means of an automatic water valve actuator and humidity controller circuits.
The two designs might be recognized with the aid of the following article:
Talking about the very first circuit diagram below which happens to be essentially wired as a temperature sensor, is improved with a relay stage for immediately switching a motorized valve system or actuator which diverts cold water into the greenhouse water supply pipes in an event when the water temperature tends to rise above a fixed set level.


This circuit is pretty very much like the one that’s described in one of the earlier content, for an extensive learn concerning the circuit info, you might think of the following post:
Greenhouse temperature regulator
The following design is a basic humidity sensor circuit which might be utilized for sensing and controlling greenhouse humidity levels.
As might be observed in the diagram, six NOT gates are linked in parallel for getting optimum performance from the devices.
The gates are all located as potential difference sensors across their input pins.
The 10M resistor at first holds the inputs to a low logic level since it’s associated with the ground supply of the circuit.
The inputs are likewise shut down to the positive by means of an correctly etched PCB to form a closely set up copper mesh layout.
Provided that the humidity level is not beyond the unwanted threshold, the NOT gates inputs remain at a low logic state ensuing a high at their outputs which keeps the relay and a associated water sprayer initiated.
In spite of this, the moment the humidity level tends to cross the set high level it tends to build a low resistance across the copper mesh PCB forcing the inputs of the NOT gates to turn out to be higher in potential until it flips and inverts the individual outputs to logic low, which often switches OFF the relay and the water sprayer for the present time.
The 10M resistance might be refined for setting-up the most wanted cut off humidity threshold level.
The LED ON implies the toggling of the relay and vice versa.